American Marriages for 1788

Compiled from Newspapers of 1788-9.

Maryland- 1788

Baltimore - James Carroll Esq., to Miss Sophia Gough.
Baltimore - John Hackett to Miss Jenny Grant.
Richfield - John Graham, Esq., to Miss Johnston.
Frederick - Samuel Liggat to Miss Jenny Parks.
Baltimore - John Coulter, Esq., to Miss Polly MCasky.
Baltimore - James Croxall to Miss Nelly Gittings.
Blenheim, Charles Co. - John Weems, Esq., to Miss Alice Lee. 

Blenhein, Charles Co. - Hon. Benj. Contee, Esq., to Miss Sarah Russel Lee.
Baltimore--Standish Barry to Miss Ann Thompson.
Baltimore - Jacob Curtz of York, Pa., to Miss Snkey Shultz.

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SOURCE: Vol, 4, No 5, May 1914 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry