TILGHMAN:- The Maryland family of Tilghman is traced back to Richard Tilghman of Kent, England, who was living in the year 1450, and who had sons Thom- as and William. William died in London in 1493. and Thomas left children: William. Ralph and John. ** 1 Richard, a son of the last named William, died in 1518, and left a son William, whose son Oswald, born in 1579, married Abigail Taylor, 1612. Their son. Richard, born 1626, came to America with his family in 1661, and settled in Maryland. In 1669, he was commisioned High Sheriff of Talbot Connty. He married Mary Foxley in England, and had children: Samuel, Mary. William. Rebecca. Deborah and Richard. The last named who was a member of the Maryland Assembly, born 1672, died 1738, married 1700, Anna Maria Lloyd, and had the following children: Mary, Philemon Richard. Henrietta. Anna, William. Edward, James and Matthew. All of these married and left large families, the male members of which were prominent in the legislative and official life of Maryland.

SOURCE: Vol, X, No 1, May 1921 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry