(From Original Records)

Harrison, Eleanor and Arthur Charlton, 14 July, 1742, Frederick Co.
Harrison, Judith and Richard G. Robinson, 6 April, 1746, Talbot Co.
Harrison, Perry and Jane Tiddeman, Dec, 1750, Talbot Co.
Harrison, Dorothy and Samuel Lloyd Chew, 28 June, 1777, Annapolis.
Harrison, Charles and Isabella Suton, 6 Jan., 1778, Baltimore.
Harrison, Samuel and Susanna Johns, 13 June, 1778, Annapolis.
Harrison, Joseph and Rachel Perry, 23 Oct., 1778, Prince George Co.
Harrison, William and Mary Davis, 4 Nov., 1778, Frederick Co.
Harrison, Nicholas and Margaret Graham, 1 9 June, 1 779, Caroline Co.
Harrison, John and Betty Clann, 17 July, 1779, Frederick Co.
Harrison, Josias and Elizabeth Davis, 3 Aug., 1779, Frederick Co.
Harrison, Thomas and Jane White, 4 Dec, 1779, Prince George Co.
Harrison, Mary and William Cooper, 17 Dec, 1779, Frederick Co.
Harrison, John and Rachel Deale, 28 Jan., 1780, Anne Arundel Co.
Harrison, Thomas and Elizabeth Flemming, 9 Feb., 1780, Anne Arundel Co.
Harrison, Kensey and Sarah Saffle, 9 March, 1780, Frederick Co.
Harrison, Elizabeth and Walter Magowan, 27 Oct., 1780, Anne Arundel Co.
Harrison, Richard and Mary Norris, 23 April, 1781, Anne Arundel Co.
Harrison, Thomas and Mary Stamp, 30 May, 1783, Prince George Co.
Harrison, John and Elizabeth Scissarson, 6 March, 1785, Caroline Co.
Harrison, Mary and Thomas Bullitt, 21 Dec, 1789, Dorchester Co.
Harrison, William and Penelope Collison, 1 3 March, 1 790, Caroline Co.
Harrison, Nicholson and Hester Hall, 8 July, 1791, Caroline Co.
Harrison, Mary Henry and Plinny Davidson, 31 Aug., 1793, Prince George Co.
Harrison, Josey and Turtin Ann Jenkins, 20 Nov., 1794, Prince George Co.
Harrison, Elista and Sarah Beall, 25 March, 1796, Prince George Co.
Harrison, Betsy and Roger Nelson, 2 Feb., 1797, Frederick Co.
Harrison, John and Esther Blades, 29 Aug., 1798, Caroline Co.
Harrison, James and Alice Delahay, 23 Jan., 1799, Caroline Co.
Harrison, Dr. John and Eliza Hoffman, 13 Jan., 1807, Frederick Co.

SOURCE: Vol. VII, No 3, March 1917 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry